How to participate in a Zoom Meeting

HERE you can read a written descritpion how to use Zoom as a participant

HERE you can watch a short video how to join a Zoom meeting (Youtube)

HERE you can watch a video how to use Zoom – a tutorial for beginners (Youtube)

Zoom – Online Retreat at home – a few supportive thoughts

Certain conditions support online practice.  We invite you to review these suggestions and do your best in meeting these conditions.  We understand that extenuating circumstances arise.  These are suggestions that our experience has proven to support presence for online practice:

*  Please try to find a distraction free space in which to take your seat for practice.  Imagine this as a virtual meditation hall.
*  Please plan on being in your seat, ZOOM ready, and somewhat settled a few minutes before the start of each session.  We will begin each session promptly and it is supportive if everyone is settled and in their seats when we begin.

*  Plan on attending the first session with ZOOM already downloaded onto your computer (we recommand NOT to use tablet or phone) and with some familiarity with how it functions.  For example, be prepared knowing how to turn on your video, mute / un-mute, gallery view (lets you see everyone at once, exception if using a phone or tablet), volume control, etc.  There are many ZOOM tutorials available to assist you.  These are all very basic functions and easy to navigate….trust us on this!
*  You are encouraged to silence your cellular phone.  This includes the vibrate function.  Or better, let your phone switched off in another room!
*  You are encouraged to have your computer screen only open to the Zoom room.  Please close all other windows on your computers during these hours of formal practice.
*  If you are not very experienced to Insight Dialogue, we suggest you spend some time on the website before the first session, and refresh your familiarity with the essence of the practice.  There are written materials and video recordings of talks that will give you a wonderful overview of the practice.  Here is a link that get you on your way:  

Insight Dialogue Guidelines:

Insight Dialogue: The Interpersonal Path to Freedom – Gregory Kramer’s book