Harald Reiter

Qualification and expertise in Shiatsu – Chi Nei Tsang – Liebscher & Bracht

  • Certified Shiatsu practitioner in own practice since 2011
  • 2022 March – Certification examination as Liebscher & Bracht pain specialist
  • 2021 On-site training in pain therapy according to Liebscher & Bracht with Christian Gut in Graz
  • 2020 6 months online training in pain therapy according to Liebscher & Bracht
  • Diploma Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner Level 1 according to UHT (Universal Healing Tao), Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner in training and under supervision Level 2 according to UHT
  • Numerous further trainings, among others with Leisa Bellmore (CDN), Ryoko Endo (JPN), Ohashi (USA), Gabriella Poli (ITA), Peter Itin (CH), Wilfried Rappenecker (D), Stefania Ferri (ITA), Cliff Andrews (UK), etc.
  • 2018 Advanced training “Shiatsu for severe sleep disorders”, Vienna
  • 2017 Advanced training “The Mission: Alleviating Suffering”, Vienna
  • 2017 Advanced training “Shiatsu with Trauma Clients”, Vienna
  • 2014 Advanced training “Shiatsu and Cancer”, Vienna
  • 2012 Advanced training “Shiatsu in terminal care”, Berlin
  • Diploma Austrian Umbrella Association for Shiatsu ÖDS – Dipl. Shiatsu Practitioner. Training at the International Academy of Hara – Shiatsu (Vienna) 2008 to 2011, Diploma 2011

Qualification and expertise in Councelling

  • Certified life and social counsellor in own practice since 2015
  • Positive Psychology BASIC training March to May 2022
  • 1semester advanced course Stress Management and Burnout Prevention 2016-17
  • 3-year training as Diploma Life and Social Counsellor 2011 to 2014
  • 2-year psychotherapeutic group self-experience as part of the training
  • 1-year psychotherapeutic self-awareness as part of the training
  • 1semester course “Understanding psychological processes from the perspective of contemplative psychology” (Windhorse) 2009/2010
  • several years of working as an independent social therapeutic counsellor at Windhorse 2010 – 2012
  • Several years of professional experience in social psychiatric individual, group and residential care or group leadership (LOK association, PSGZ Mödling) 2008 to 2018
  • Several years of experience in the voluntary visiting service “Solidarity with Senior Citizens” at the Vienna Board of Trustees for Retirement Homes 2009 to 2016
  • Voluntary work for the Mobile Hospice of the ÖBR in the context of the spiritual care of the sick “Jivaka” from 2013 to May 2015
  • Many years of work in the upscale hotel and catering industry, including event management.

Qualification and expertise in meditation

  • mindfulness practice in the Theravada Tradition since 2004 with various teachers (Asia, Europe, USA), numerous retreats in Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia
  • practicing Insight Dialogue (ID) since 2008, Insight dialogue facilitator since 2017, Insight dialogue teacher in training since September 2020; numerous ID retreats with Gregory Kramer, Bhante Sukhacitto, Janet Surrey, Rosalie Dores, Phyllis Hicks, Bart van Melik; ID Facilitator training with Gary Steinberg, extended facilitator training with Gregory Kramer, facilitator training with Bhante Sukhacitto, co-teaching ID retreats online with Bhante Sukhacitto 2020/21
  • “Diploma Examination in Buddhism” – Buddhist and Pali University Sri Lanka 2015
  • facilitating ID evenings and day-longs in Vienna since 2016, in Theravada School Vienna since 2017. Leading ID Intro-courses in Vienna and online in german and english internationally
  • Teaching mindfulness meditation and Buddha – Dhamma, mindfulness courses at Theravada School Vienna and online in german and english since 2018
  • Offering monthly Dhamma – reflections with talks and guided meditations online for Dhammazentrum Nyanaponika Vienna since 2020
  • Guest – teacher Theravadagruppe Salzburg, Javorie Meditation Center etc.